Veikkaus – Eurojackpot


Page layout and programming of the following components for Eurojackpot videogame:

  1. Navigation (video game main page, loading jackpot value and countdown to start play)
  2. QuickGames (fast game – it allows to select the number of lines, the number of weeks intended to play and add it directly to shopping cart)
  3. Candidate/Confirmation (shopping cart page and confirmation before payment)
  4. Suscription (page with subscribed games – more than a week)
  5. Rastipekka (selecting date, type of game, number of lines, numbers and stars, it checks if the game had some winnings and what is its value)
  6. NetSyndicates (shared plays with other buyers)


HTML 4 and 5
CSS 2 and 3
jQuery 1.4

Status: online


Year: 2011

Built while I was working for Gtech Global Lottery
Eurojackpot - Ikipelit
Eurojackpot - Maksaminen
Eurojackpot - Pikapeli
Eurojackpot - Porukkapelit
Eurojackpot - Rastipekka

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